10 Essential Items You Must Keep In Your Car

Some of us have the habit to be prepared for the worst, while some of us don’t have any such habit. Some of us go overboard with the essential tools and items for our car while others will not even have the required items.

So let’s discuss what is essential to have in the car’s trunk for the survival in an unexpected situation and which is necessary for the car.

Items You Must Keep In Your Car

1.) Spare Tire:- An spare tire should be the must in a car, along with the jack and bolt opener. Also, you should have tire sealer it will allow you to reach the nearby stop to get your tire treated or changed if you don’t know how to change the tire. But remember the spare time should be in good condition.

2.) Jumper Cables:- The dead batteries is the most common problem people face during their journey, so jumper cables should be the part of your essential items kit, as it helps you to get your car batteries working in case if they die in the middle of your drive.

3.) First-Aid Kit:- A first-aid kit should be the must in your car, in case of any medical emergency this can come in handy. Apart from the general important item, one should always keep the extra dose of prescribed medication in the kit.

4.) Flashlights and other such items:- Flashlight should be a part of the essential items. Apart the one should always keep some candles and matchsticks for the emergency, as flashlight runs out of batteries. And flares and reflective triangles should be there too in the kit.


5.) Ice-scraper, Shovel etc. :- If you are traveling in the winters than you should be prepared for that with a shovel, ice-scraper to remove the ice from the car or the road for the further journey.

6.) Extra Clothes and Blankets:- A pair of extra cloth and some blankets should be a part of your survival kit too, in case you get stuck for a night in some place or your clothes get wet.


7.) Seat-belt Cutter And Glass Breaker:- These items are an essential for any car owner, as they will come handy if you have met an accident and your car windows are jammed and you are not able to remove the belt manually, this should be kept in the glove compartment.

8.) Food and Water:- One should always have some extra food and water with them for any kind of emergency. And if any kid is traveling with you then make it a rule to have these items in extra for sure, because you can stay hungry for an hour or two but a kid cannot.


9.) Multi Tools Kit: - Multi-tools kit should have all type of tools that are important for you in a journey like a wrench, bolt opener, wire cutter etc. to come in handy in an emergency.

10.) Maps and Weather Radio:- A map of the place where you are traveling, in case your phone runs out of battery and you can not operate the GPS and a weather radio to know the weather of the place in advance.


While needs of everyone is different so the kit can have different item according to the need. While the discussed items are some general item that almost everybody needs.

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